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Suspended Card Although some emergency service providers accept credit cards, you never know when your card might let you down. Perhaps your credit card company suspects fraudulent charges and suspends your card.

Otherwise, one person might get stuck with the whole cost if the other promises (and forgets) to reimburse later on.Also, written checks might cause an inconvenient trip to the bank or an ATM.2.Tipping My sister-in-law is a server at an amazing restaurant, and she has told me that she prefers cash tips over credit. While she does give some money to her busser, it does not go through management, which takes its own cut on tips given in credit.My dad firmly believes in carrying cash in case of the unexpected.In response, 9 times out of 10, I tell my dad that I do not have any cash. My dad is right to be concerned that I never carry around any cash.

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