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Maybe we were naive thinking they could pull it off so quickly because they have the biggest resources and manpower available, maybe just hopeful.

Either way it’s been delayed and we are ok with that. (Something about a lot of miscalculations in the past) But the project is still full steam under development!

Diehard Samsung fans who were holding onto their Note 7 phones won’t have to wait very long before their soon-to-be crippled Note 7 phones are replaced.

Samsung will unveil its new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 flagship phones on Wednesday, and they’ll be released about a month later.

As a result, the phones will no longer be able to power on unless they are plugged in.

Samsung and its carrier partners issued a similar software update in the US late last year and in early 2017, and now any remaining markets where the Note 7 might still be in use will get the update.

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Most of the potentially destructive smartphones have been collected by now.

Since the phone was so impressive, however, a small percentage of holdouts have refused to give up their precious Note 7 handsets.

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