Gemini dating capricorn theme song from dating game

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Gemini Woman and Capricorn Man The female Twins and male Goat rarely appear to have anything in common.And yet it is precisely this unfamiliarity with the Capricorn’s personality which is likely to draw the Gemini woman to him, attracted as she is by anything new and worth exploring.The Gemini is happiest when ranging through the realms of ideas, plans and communicating with people while the Capricorn thrives on hard work which is ultimately geared towards professional success and its trappings.While these substantial differences the two signs might make romantic compatibility something of a challenge, there are ways a Gemini and Capricorn partner could find happiness with each other.Then again considering the Capricorn’s exceedingly ambitious nature, a Gemini partner is rather suitable since she does not have her own bones to grind, unlike a Scorpio or Leo partner who might have complicated things with her own ambitions or ego.

However over time this very sense of energy and motion might begin to irk the Capricorn man until he would consider his Gemini partner as too flighty, impetuous and incapable of settling down.

Let's find out what brought them together, and what is going to make them stay together to make this relationship work.

She is the earthy beauty, and he is the airy charm.

While the Capricorn woman will be impressed by his social and conversational skills, the Gemini guy will be intrigued by her reserve and take it as a challenge to break through her defenses.

Both will recognize in the other evidence of a keen mind since despite a Gemini’s eloquent tongue, he is not merely an airbag.

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