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Dating back in 1950, new castle’s ‘karat rice’ is not only famous for its rich assortment of spices.

The pork, ample veggies and fruits will make you travel back to the Showa era.

Later Buddhist monks, including Kūkai and Saichō took their ordination here as well.

Letters dating from this time also show that all six Buddhist schools had offices at Tōdai-ji, complete with administrators, shrines and their own library.The beginning of building a temple where the Tōdai-ji complex sits today can be dated to 728, when Emperor Shōmu established Kinshōsen-ji (金鐘山寺) as an appeasement for Prince Motoi (ja:基王), his first son with his Fujiwara clan consort Kōmyōshi. During the Tenpyō era, Japan suffered from a series of disasters and epidemics.It was after experiencing these problems that Emperor Shōmu issued an edict in 741 to promote the construction of provincial temples throughout the nation.Place: Itoya 3-D and 2-E Access Kimono, the Japanese traditional clothes, has been re-designed to fit in the 21st century. The shop is located on the main Ginza Street and makes everyone turn their heads.Place: Motoji 3-D Access The very best wage meats are all displayed at this place, that specialises in shabu-shabu and sukiyaki.

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