Haircut fetish

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At the same time, these women are displaying a new kind of femininity; maybe the absence of hair allows them to be seen as more open and honest."What prompted this shift to short?

"I think there’s a sort of rebellion of independence going on with women who are frustrated with the stereotypical, pumped-up, Kardashian-y look, which is so much about overt sexuality that it actually isn’t very sexy," explains Gordon.

Hello I have a very thick and very loong blonde hair and i want some new haircut , but i am little bit afraid if the haidresser turn on the clippers on my great look long hair and start from bottom to cut it through my hair Do you know how is to feel clippers through hair ?

One of confidence, empowerment, counterculture, and saying "fuck it" to the beauty norms. The idea of super-short hair on a woman is no longer such a rarity that the world will gasp in shock and clutch its collective pearls when they see it in the wild.

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Does anyone want to punish me for being a bad girl?

"In a way, it also encourages a more subtle but consistent use of makeup; it’s effortless."Wes Sharpton, Hairstory's resident stylist, who is aptly called the "scissor wizard" (best business-card job title ever), says that what makes this "unapologetic" cut stand out from your run-of-the-mill pixie is not just how it looks, but how it's cut.

"The main difference between this type of cut and a longer cut lies in the technique, referred to as 'scissors-over-comb.' This is where you place the comb close to the head, or on the head, and move the shears very quickly.

The haircut Wes gave me makes me feel like an alien queen — empowered, striking, but also very me in that it was low-maintenance for a relatively sharp look.""Different kinds of men approach me — and none of them are jocks or bros!According to Hairstory Studio's founder and creative director Michael Gordon, cropped hair is no longer a form of androgyny but rather a way for women to convey a new type of beauty."I think that this is more about women not wanting to be overly identified by their hair.There are going to be some people that want to do the things that make you happy even though most people would think it’s odd, the problem is when it becomes a problem.Then if you have a problem that negatively affects you or others please seek a psychiatrist or therapist for help.

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