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Peter Thiel, the eccentric tech billionaire and supporter of President Donald Trump, is helping fund a controversial offshore test of an experimental herpes vaccine, it was reported on Monday.The trials are part of a million experiment being conducted by an American university – with the backing of a group of wealthy libertarians – that is drawing criticism because of its noncompliance with traditional guidelines governing testing on humans, according to Kaiser Health News.So far, there have been no peer-reviewed journal articles about the vaccine due to concerns over lack of safety.Usher celebrated his wedding anniversary with second wife Gracie Miguel earlier this week, despite his ongoing legal battles against a number of individuals who are accusing the singer of giving them herpes.Still, the vaccine's researchers insist that safety protocols are being followed and the drug has so far been shown to be safe and effective.Richard Mancuso, who agreed to participate in the trial, said that the vaccine has 'saved my life.'He said the drug has stopped his severe herpes outbreaks.Southern Illinois University is reportedly behind the research, whose first trials are being conducted on the Caribbean island of St.

She said she was picked from the crowd and invited backstage to meet the singer.Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that often produces either mild symptoms or none at all, according to the Centers for Disease Control.It is no accident that Thiel, the billionaire who struck it rich by co-founding Pay Pal and investing in Facebook when it was in its infancy, is aiding the effort to bypass the FDA.President Trump has also long advocated for speedier approvals of medicine by the FDA, which places constraints on pharmaceutical companies in order to ensure consumer safety.Trump's pick for FDA commissioner, Scott Gottlieb (above), criticized the agency before his confirmation for what he views as a slow approval process'SIU School of Medicine did not have any involvement in Rational Vaccines' clinical trial,' said Karen Carlson, the university's spokeswoman.

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