Herpes dating sites reviews how to kiss a guy when your not dating

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I have learned so much in the last 16 years from my own experience of dating with herpes and supporting women with herpes in my private practice and herpes Pink Tent™ support forum.

Where so many women fall short is that they skip ever having “The Talk” with their new prospective positive partners, especially if both have herpes.I have coached so many women over the years after they are newly diagnosed with herpes and I always remind them that The Talk is an essential part of staying healthy.In fact, having genital herpes puts you at a greater risk of contracting HIV.If two people have the same strain of the virus, for example, if both people have HSV-1 or herpes type 1, then the partners can not pass it back and forth between them.This “compatibility” is the same if both people have HSV-2.

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