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In 2013, comparative craniometric analysis of the Herto Homo idaltu skull with ancient and recent crania from other parts of Africa found that the specimen was morphologically closest to the Pleistocene Rabat fossil and Early Holocene Kef Oum Touiza skeleton.

Herto and the prehistoric fossils were also distinct from crania belonging to modern Afroasiatic-speaking populations from the Horn of Africa and Dynastic Egypt, which instead possessed Middle Eastern affinities.

Three well preserved crania are accounted for, the best preserved being from an adult male (BOU-VP-16/1) having a brain capacity of 1,450 cm The Omo fossils differ from those of chronologically later forms of early Homo sapiens, such as Cro-Magnon specimens found in Europe and other parts of the world.

Their morphology has features that show resemblances to more primitive African fossils, such as huge and robust skulls, yet have a globular shape of the brain-case and the facial features typical of H. Despite the archaic features, these specimens were argued to represent the direct ancestors of modern Homo sapiens sapiens which, according to the "recent African origin (RAO)" or "out of Africa" model, developed shortly after this period (Khoisan mitochondrial divergence dated not later than 110,000 BCE) in Eastern Africa.

habilis is the least similar to modern humans of all species in the genus Homo (except the equally controversial H.

The small size and rather primitive attributes have led some experts (Richard Leakey among them) to propose excluding H.

One set of fossil remains (OH 62, for "Olduvai Hominid specimen 62"), discovered by Donald Johanson and Tim White in Olduvai Gorge in 1986, included the important upper and lower limbs, specifically the humerus and femur. KNM ER 1813 is a relatively complete cranium, which dates to 1.9 million years old, discovered at Koobi Fora, Kenya by Kamoya Kimeu in 1973.

Also found were more than 20 fragments of the left hand.It is a heavily used, and henceforth widely accepted as reliable, measure of wear that a species, on average, endures from eating certain food.These measurements point to an increasingly generalized, and generally omnivorous diet in Homo habilis."[the fossil findings] predate classic Neanderthals and lack their derived features [...] are morphologically and chronologically intermediate between archaic African fossils and later anatomically modern Late Pleistocene humans [...] represent the probable immediate ancestors of anatomically modern humans [...] their anatomy and antiquity constitute strong evidence of modern-human emergence in Africa." Herto Bouri is a region of Ethiopia under volcanic layers.According to radioisotope dating, the layers are between 154,000 and 160,000 years old.

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