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On unconditioned agar, the mean number of reversals by males in all four areas remained constant.

Source and test animals were harvested daily at the fourth larval stage (L4), and stored at ≈18°C overnight with 10–20 animals per same-sex plate to be used the following day in trials as young adults.come into association with their hermaphroditic counterparts they cease foraging behavior and begin to mate.Here we detail several assays used to demonstrate that a diffusible cue is correlated with this process.In contrast, during conditioned trials males reversed around six times while turning over scoring regions spending Do cues merely elicit a response when males pass randomly into distinct conditioned regions or do cues exhibit any additional, longer-range function?If cues work only proximally, then movement by males outside regions conditioned with hermaphrodites should not be affected (Fig. In a modified version of the response assay, we observed the extent and direction of movement at various distances, using outwardly concentric areas from A–D, with respect to a conditioned point (Fig. To corroborate previous findings, we scored number of reversals and the time in region (now area A) in a manner similar to our response assay.

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