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Tattoos I don’t mind as long as he’s not covered with really bad tats.” - Rachel K.“No to the tats, and hell no to the piercings.” - Kayla D. "It honestly depends on the guy—there are certain guys who can pull it off, and others who just can't.Ample research shows that men are sensitive to a range of physical cues in women, such as a low waist-to-hip ratio, larger breasts, effective cosmetics use, revealing clothing, and wearing the color red (which signals sexual receptivity).But according to psychologist Nicolas Guéguen of the Université de Bretagne-Sud, the research also highlights another sensitivity: Men tend to women's sexual intentions.I really don't think a guy should be judged if he wants to get his nose or eyebrow pierced either.I wouldn't care what a guy had to say about my piercings, nor would his opinion change how I feel about my own tattoos." - Raquel S. Also, it doesn't hurt if they're meaningful with a story behind them." - Grace C. And that barbed wire shit is the male tramp stamp." - Tracy A.“I don’t like piercings because it makes a man look less masculine to me.

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Do you believe you got more or less attention from guys post-tattoo? "I don't want to see a tattoo of your own last name surrounded by roses.I don't want to see tribal art, pinup girls, or shamrocks. But if a guy loves it, and his whole family has matching ones, then all the power to 'em." - Rose F. In fact, I find huge, carefully thought-out sleeves and body tats to be beautiful.Whatever your feelings on tattoos, you have to admit Christina Aguilera is looking seriously hot here.The craze for getting lower back tattoos was just as swiftly followed by branding said tattoos "tramp stamps." Ugh.

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