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She didn’t budge, didn’t lunge for the box, didn’t say anything. Now there would be no denying it, she would know my heart was hers. I wanted her to kiss me forever and ever, right here on the playground. Why not try a blind date with a romance writing competition? My friend explained the premise and even read some passages out loud, but I didn’t feel moved to buy the book and read it for myself. Now the Big Magic needs to spread even further – I think all of you Devoted Readers should grab yourself a copy and read it for yourself. Her realistic attitude is what struck a chord with me.

The box dropped from my hands and it seemed as though every tree and rock and scrap of dirt that had been so silent up until this moment were now forming an orchestra, celebrating with magical sounds this special event. Fiona discovered some upcoming writing comps that may help you get your manuscript in the mood for some publishing love: First Kiss 2016 An opportunity to showcase that romantic tension. When the movie came out in 2010, I didn’t rush to see it at the movies. Fast forward to 2015 when I enrolled in a Virtual Writers Course with Charlotte Wood and Alison Manning. Even if you’re not a writer, What I enjoyed the most about Gilbert’s work was her approach to rejection and the giving up on the writing or publication dream. She doesn’t promise roses and champagne and a major deal if you just keep trying. The concept of knowing you will be rejected but understanding that it has to happen and you have to let it happen if you are to have any chance of literary success.

I hardly imagined any of them would want to be seen with Gruesome Grin, Mr Bone Head himself. I kicked at a rock and imagined how disappointed Dad and Stew would be when I told them that I hadn’t been able to get rid of the ring. She was wearing jeans and a white shirt and her red hair was hanging down around her shoulders. Elizabeth Gilbert has in fact published several books. She’s a determined, creative, dogged and likeable lady who has been rejected by publishers (just like me), surprised by her own creativity (just like me), determined to succeed (just like me) and finds magic in storytelling (just like me).In the spirit of all things romance, The Print Posse are dedicating their February posts to the language of love…or rather the language of love scenes 😉 To get you in the mood, Gabbie has offered to share a snippet from her junior fiction novel that she wrote in 2005.That’s good, hardcore YA writing (in my humble, humble opinion!) and it means that the reader is invested in the character rather than the love plot.

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