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One even crediting my account for a full month of service.

I can't really help to be negative and say that the movie thingie will be a us only at first... It took two years for i Tunes Music Store to come to DK so why should the movie bussiness be any easier than the music buss...??

I have yet to be convinced, especially with the cost and [lack of efficiency] of the battery packs.

They may ultimately meet expectations, but they haven't yet. You are comparing diesel to unleaded even in hybrid form.

Slowly it is happening but really the system that was designed in the past was based around people driving their own personal cars around. Until the 1st i Phone 3G, I had no issues with AT&T and their Edge network - namely because it's speed (or lack there of) was all we i Phone users knew at the time.

That was 40 years ago that was put in so now it is harder to do put it in now. Often calling AT&T my favorite service provider to date. But once the 1st i Phone 3G hit, it started to become apparent that AT&T's network was not up to task.

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