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In a courthouse in Albany, the struggle over how to handle Ralph Tortorici's mental illness was left to a small cast of characters -- a prosecutor, a defense attorney, a jury and a judge - all of whom had to grapple with the difficult and troubling questions that arise when the legal and psychiatric worlds collide.LARRY ROSEN, Presiding Judge: The bizarre nature of the incident itself and the bizarre nature of what Ralph Tortorici was claiming - computer chips implanted in brain and penis - certainly made it clear that mental health issues would be at the forefront in this case.The agreement also says Ahmad's social media accounts will be monitored, and any perceived threats he posts will violate the conditions of the treatment.He has also been ordered to stay off the campus of University School of Jackson and have no contact with students or staff at the school.Hidden under his clothes were a hunting knife and a high-powered rifle.

How the criminal justice system deals with these kinds of cases is almost always controversial.The tapes shown in the above video have been heavily edited, and mostly consist of exchanges between Lake and several unnamed victims.Lake committed suicide when he was arrested for an unrelated crime, which led to Ng’s discovery and the revelation that the pair had killed between one and two dozen people at Lake’s California ranch.The boys seemed to have no motivation for their crimes beyond simple entertainment.Ukraine has not had the death penalty since 2000, and both boys were sentenced to life in prison in 2009. v=Dz SJQ2-h I0A A couple minutes into the above video, a Q&A takes place between two people: a young woman who has no idea what is happening to her, and two men who are about to kill her.

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