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If there is an interruption in study, then the current tuition fees at the time of returning to studies will apply.

You can choose up to six universities where you would like to study (from those universities available within the quota), but no more than three in one Federal Constituency; in Moscow and St. Indicate the university you like most of all as your first choice and list other schools in descending order according to your preferences.

If a student does not pay their tuition fees by the final due date, the University reserves the right to cancel registration and forfeit a student's right to begin or continue studies at RU.

If a student has not paid their tuition fees within 30 days of the final due date, they will be de-registered from their programme and all access to exams, to the intranet, and to the learning management system of the university, will be closed.

Collection of tuition fees is based on the registration status of a student on the first day of a semester as per the current university fee list for that semester.

If tuition fees are paid after the final due date, students will be required to pay a collection fee, a late-payment fee, and interest on late payments, calculated from the final tuition due date.

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