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The Passport will also provide nightly discounts on camping.

When you pay the additional for your passport, you'll receive a sticker that will adhere to your motor vehicle.

The dam was built in 1910 to generate electricity for nearby mines.

The operation went bankrupt in 1911 and the dam was breached in 1934.

Camping opportunities range from primitive to RV hookups and B&B’s. Challis Bison Kill Site Early inhabitants of the Round Valley acquired bison at the nearby Challis Bison Kill Site.

Archaeological excavations in 1970 provided a glimpse into the early use of bison.

The 1880s brought rapid growth to the region as the Lucky Boy, General Custer and Montana mines produced abundant ore and the town of Custer reached a population of 600.

A special cooperative project between the Idaho Humanities Council, The Stanley Sawtooth Chamber of Commerce and the Idaho Department of Parks and Receation.

Primitive and developed camping opportunities are available on adjacent National Forest and BLM lands.

The Land of the Yankee Fork State Park brings to life Idaho's frontier mining history.

Several glass beads, many stone tools and points dating to a wide variety of time frames, and the bones of about 30 bison were located during the excavation.

Learn more about the history and use of the Challis Bison Kill Site along the short paved pathway at the Land of the Yankee Fork Interpretive Center.

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