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If you did your homework correctly, those lights did the right things, and after carefully reading the manual, and inputting several byte instructions, painstakingly flipping each bit of the byte, 8 bits, then hitting enter for each byte, you could actually get the machine to do something sensible with the lights on the front. Finally, the game "shoot the duck" was entered, which rotated a light across the row of lights. This property alone makes a museum collection worthwhile.

The object was to hit the switch under it at just the right time, and turn the light off. Get all the lights out, and, well, you ran out of interesting things to do rapidly. It soon became known that if you bought a little extra memory, and an I/O device, and got hold of a thing called a "Basic interpreter" you could reach the next level in computerdom (and limits on your credit card). Original Basic programs from this time are hard to find now, even on the Internet.

The case was sparked by a white man and black woman who married in 1958 in the District of Columbia, then attempted to live in Virginia.

“Knowing her father, I think a lot of that came from him,” Ball said.

“She was a person that always seemed to be engaged." After retiring, Higgins became an event planner for groups like the Center for Disability Services and Albany's Tercentennial Gala.

ALBANY -- Albany native Patricia Higgins was a major player among the region's political and social circles dating back to the 1960s. “In 1974, 1975 when I was working there I could not believe that a woman had attained the stature that she had attained at the Senate,” D’Agostino said. “She's the granddaughter of Ida Yarbrough, who was a prominent civil rights activist,” Treece said.

District Court Judge Mae D' Agostino says she met Higgins in 1974 while interning in the state Senate, where Higgins was a prominent member of the Senate leadership staff. Magistrate Judge Randy Treece says Higgins came from a long line of community leaders.

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