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I would be able to say, as a Jew I love the dream of Israel.But as an activist, I love the dream of peace even more, and I actually do believe that all the people who are on the left do actually have a spiritual belief in peace and love and tolerance and acceptance. We stand for accepting all people.” I wanted to revisit a lively conversation you had at the New Yorker Festival a couple of years ago with Jenji Kohan.For people who have had access to that class and to those men, and have had the blessings of those men — white supremacy, patriarchy — those things aren’t obvious. I don’t want to start a fight over whether or not cis people can write trans people, or white people can write black people. And if you have privilege, shouldn’t you use it to try to open up the ranks a little bit?I think about how something like television or film is so relational: It’s based on these relationships that you have with actors, crew members, writers, and directors.Wow, so many women trying to claim subjectivity through naming, how it feels to break free from having been looked at and attempting to put that into writing, directing — it’s so filled up with so much excitement for me.But there are some people who don’t actually see patriarchy. Patriarchy means that men have a certain class, have access to things, and the women who perform well get their blessings.

In the same way that Trump is our president and will openly act like it’s his Christian mission to protect people against a Muslim threat.

We had to play more within the confines of what would be realistic for this family than what we all knew and understood as activists. The Israeli government is being run by people who have very fundamentalist views about the binary: “This is Judaism, this is Israel. Israel must reflect a Jewish identity.” Well, what is a Jewish identity?

What they’re reflecting is an orthodox Jewish identity.

[] Not for my own narcissism, which is real, but just for all the people who are queer out there in the world who don’t really have queer people and culture to look to. Did you feel like there’s a pedagogical intent in that? I don’t really try to shy away from that with feminism, with anything, because we’re learning.

When people say, “You don’t want to be making propaganda,” I’m like, cis-hetero patriarchy has been making propaganda forever. I had to grow up watching fucking white dudes act like women should be competing for them on the basis of their financial success — that’s propaganda.

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