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The secret to his seduction, according to acquaintances, is his open, friendly, Midwestern down-to-earthness.

“He’s a nice, normal guy from Kansas who plays basketball, and his job is to be hilarious and entertaining,” said Rachel Sklar, who has hung out with “SNL” cast members and written extensively about the show.

But since the couple split in 2010 — which coincided with his last appearance on “30 Rock” — Sudeikis’ dating life is the envy of every guy who played the class clown in high school but never got the girl.

The funnyman first met “Mad Men” star Jones when she hosted “SNL” in 2009, but the couple didn’t start dating until July 2010.

When he’s not yukking it up at work, he’s often seen hanging out at Lower East Side watering holes, dressed down like a college student in a hoodie sweatshirt and jeans, sporting a dorky backpack.

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"He's thriving, he's really happy," the brunette beauty shared with us. It's the Segway," Jason joked after revealing that his friends' children were all walking before Otis."You get to watch evolution happen in front of your very eyes," Sudeikis added. We can't get enough of the gorgeous Olivia Wilde and her hunky fiancé Jason Sudeikis — that's a given.From their undeniable chemistry on whatever red carpet they happen to be strutting on to their adorable obsession with their young son, Otis, this engaged twosome always seems to be in the running for our favorite celebrity couple round-ups.star would go on to get her number, but their budding relationship came to a halt there. In addition to being "a lady," Wilde also wanted to get back at the actor who played her for so long."Two can play at this game," she quipped."When he got my number he didn't text me for a month," Wilde revealed. Now with the cutest son and a future wedding, it's obvious these two figured everything out.

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