Jaxb unmarshaller setvalidating

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Error: URI=null Line=21: The content of element type "music" must match "(artist)*".root element name = music So, taking that advice, here's an error handler that will write all messages to the console.The DOM API is filled with design patterns, especially creational patterns: package consists solely of interfaces), which can let a misbehaved program wreak havoc in a shared environment such as an app-server.The XML specification requires that an XML document either have a prologue that specifies its encoding, or be encoded in UTF-8 or UTF-16.In my experience, a DOM document is the most usable form for parsed XML, because it can be accessed multiple times once parsed.

But for everything else (including new code using XPath), namespace-aware parsing should be your default.

Unmarshaller unmarshaller = jc.create Unmarshaller(); Validating(bvalidate); byte[] byte Array = str Bytes(); Byte Array Input Stream source = new Byte Array Input Stream(byte Array); Input Source input = new Input Source(source); Encoding("UTF-8"); Object obj = unmarshaller.unmarshal(input); this throws the following exception: ************************************** bind.

Unmarshal Exception: Content is not allowed in prolog. SAXParse Exception: Content is not allowed in prolog.] Please help me out.

A document may be well-formed — and usable — but not valid.

There are multiple ways to validate input, and this article will look at two of them: Document Type Definitions (DTD) and XML Schema (XSD).

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