Jeff probst dating julie

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Ultimately, she voted for Daugherty over Tanner for the title of Sole Survivor.Following production of Survivor: Vanuatu, the show's host, Jeff Probst, sent Berry an e-mail just to say hello. Their relationship was not made public until the live airing of the Vanuatu reunion show when, as the closing credits rolled, Probst began holding Berry’s hand in front of the studio and viewing audience.

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She followed that up with a make-or-break question to determine which finalist would get her vote.She chose Chris Daugherty to enjoy the reward with her, hoping that he would join her in eliminating Tanner.In the end, Daugherty ended up siding with Tanner, and Berry was voted out, giving her a fifth-place finish overall and making her the fifth member of the jury.Julie Berry didn’t win the million dollars on “Survivor: Vanuatu,” but she ended up with the host. Jeff Probst tells People magazine no one is more surprised than he is that he would find love on “Survivor.” Probst says they started dating after he e-mailed her to say hello once the show was over.

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