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The family has set up a Go Fund account to help pay medical costs and day-to-day expenses while Walters recovers.

Three men are facing charges in relation to a prostitution sting in Westminster.

Hubbard arrived at p.m., and the detective said she did not remember the amount of money they’d agreed on. The detective asked Hubbard if he wanted to start with oral sex and then have sex, to which he said, “yeah,” according to the statement.

The detective said she needed to go to the bathroom, but Hubbard told her to wait and began trying to pull off her shirt with his right hand.

The following information is a list of inmates who have one or more current or upcoming scheduled court dates with corresponding charges.

If you have any questions regarding information provided on this page, please refer to the contact page, and refer to the appropriate agency.

Joshua Walter Semon, 39, of Dallastown, Pennsylvania; Andrew Douglas Maley, 26, of Baltimore; and Mingo Bruce Hubbard, 42, of Westminster, were all charged with two counts of prostitution, according to court documents.

When he arrived, he entered the room and removed an item from his pocket and said, “This is the weed, not a condom,” according to the charging documents.The detective was insistent she use the bathroom, and Hubbard put his shirt back on and said, “I’m outta here,” according to the statement of probable cause.The detective gave the “predetermined bust signal” and Hubbard was arrested."All I could think was, 'oh my gosh, my poor baby.' I mean, he may be 35 years old, but he's still my baby," Walters said.Police said the 35-year-old female driver of the striking vehicle sped around another vehicle in an attempt to make the light, when she lost control and struck the three pedestrians. "I don't think people realize what they're really risking when they do that type of thing," Walters said.

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