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In summary, it seems that Truly Madly is your app if you’re looking for a serious relationship, Hinge if you’re more discretionary, and Tinder if you’re looking for anything from a fling to marriage. There is, of course, recourse for those who are not comfortable with meeting people on apps.I’m told that you can attend any of the nationwide-curated singles events organised by companies like Floh, Mix & Mingle, Footloose No More, and Sirf Coffee.It keeps trying to build your profile through pop-up- styled quizzes. They also have the option of joining their A-list, which has perks like no ads, advanced searches filters, and the ability to browse invisibly.But such basic services come — unnecessarily — at a price.It even lets you record a voice intro that gives a nice human touch.You can see the relationship status of every profile, along with your common Facebook friends.’ The app claims to have an algorithm that calculates the likelihood of a successful relationship, though I don’t see how random and bizarre questions could do that.

Each profile also comes recommended with an actual rating, which renders them dateable (or not), along with reference checks. It’s evident that TM is creating a virtual environment that is conducive for a “serious” relationship.

The app is pitching itself as a modern matchmaking service that has all the checks and balances in place. TM is almost like a matrimonial website, without the archaic rites of passage such as caste, class and the bio of family members.

Although it doesn’t state the name of the person, it lists their age, salary, job and the mutual activities you share with them.

In a matter of an hour her email inbox and app were flooded with one hundred new messages! My friend said that just by downloading this app she felt like she’d let herself lose into a pack of hounds.

At a cursory glance the messages were neither original nor engaging. On top of that, the app doesn’t give you a person’s real name, their location, their job, or the mutual friends list.

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