Kangin and taeyeon dating

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Then after, a white van pulled in and Seohyun came out of it!

I barely got a picture of her back when we were asked to not take pictures.

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He confirmed that SNSD wasn’t there and that Yuri was there in the morning; SHINee was not there; and only Leeteuk from Super Junior was present.

He said he usually gets bored sitting there on his 12 hour security watch shifts so he likes to come out and meet the fans from different parts of the world.

He was a very understanding and kind man that would come out from time to time and joke around with us by saying things like "go sleep and eat" or “Khanh……go home! We asked him if he knew when certain artists were supposed to come but he replied by saying that if he ever leaked the schedule he would get killed (even did the whole hand slicing the neck motion).

I also took a look at a T-shirt and it was about 0 o_o.

As I walked through each floor of the Galleria I began to feel like the shop workers were staring at me and thinking that I couldn’t possibly be here to shop.

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