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"If defeat is the making of a true champion, then Mo Farah left the track at the Olympic stadium last night as the greatest champion of all," wrote its sports writer.

Bolt’s teammates complained that a 45-minute wait before the race had hampered their preparations.

"I think they were holding us too long in the call room," Blake told reporters. In fact Usain said to me: ‘Yohan, I think this is crazy’.

Forty minutes and two medal presentations before our run." Gatlin, who beat Bolt to gold in the 100m last Saturday, agreed with the complaints and laid the blame at the television scheduling for the event.

"I know it’s TV magic, and everybody has to be prepared on time to make everything happen for the viewers.

"[But] I think we were held in the stadium a little too long without our clothes on, and there was a little draught in there," Gatlin said.

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