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[laughs] Well, I mean, you know, in the last year, I’ve been trying to do stuff like that but it hasn’t really come together, TV shows and more stuff in that vein. And I can say very truthfully, and very honestly, that it charms me every time.

So, you know it feels like in the next few years I’ll probably be doing more stuff like that, as sort of my career progresses. Yeah I saw the preview for that — I haven’t seen the film yet — but I watched the trailer; it looked really good. One of the things I asked him about was if fans of that show pop up for him all over the place and bring it up, or have followed him throughout his career. I mean, mainly because that show to this day was such a huge part of my life, in every way.

It's a lot for me to get up and speak, but, it's an incredible honor, obviously.

"Felicity" stars Keri Russell and Scott Speedman reunited yesterday — first, at Russell's Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony and later on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." And with the recent trend of revivals like "Gilmore Girls" and "Will & Grace," the idea of bringing back "Felicity" came up."I really don't think so," Speedman said of reviving the show, which ended in 2002. Some people are on really high-class shows." He pointed at Russell, who now stars on FX's "The Americans," for which she's received Emmy and Golden Globe nominations (she won the latter for her role on "Felicity" in 1999).

Speedman replied, "Not much has changed." Keri Russell received a Hollywood Walk of Fame star at a ceremony attended by partner and , the 41-year-old said of the ceremony, "I would much rather hide out from doing these things.

I'll be on Lifetime in no time." The actors agreed Speedman was "a disaster of a boyfriend." "A young 20s boyfriend is called a disaster of a boyfriend," Russell said. and remembers these ceremonies, you know, so it's incredible.

I think a show like that, if it had come out now, yeah. I’m sure they would have been shoving us online, and making us do all that, but it would’ve been interesting.

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Once they arrive, however, they quickly realize that their house, and potentially the entire village, is haunted.

Are the creepy ghost children that plague their lives a result of a 500 year-old slaughter by the Spanish conquistadors, or something much, much closer to home? I mean, that was a huge part of the draw to go and do this movie.

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