Khun and tiffany dating

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He seems like he’s getting a little frustrated with fans making cryptic comments about his relationship; even though it seems like they mean well. I hope they look at [the relationship] in a positive light." 2PM are also expected to comeback in coming months this year as Nichkhun tweeted: Oh yeah - and remember when we had Nichkhun & Tiffany as one of our Top 5 Prom Kings & Queens of 2013? Never =]” Another fan tweeted, “I like to give you the hug for being strong and for going after someone you love despite all the consequences” Nichkhun responded, “hugged =]” Another tweeted, “Always follow your heart no matter what oppa ~ you know what I’m talking about” Nichkhun responded, “oh I know exactly what ~” That last tweet sounds like he is being sarcastic. LOL Recently co-hosting entertainment news show Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung weighed in on the announcement, "We were half worried and half congratulatory about it.It's true they've been close for a long time to the point that they were rumored to be dating since a while ago. S., they had a lot of similarities and remained close.

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They are braver than others,because they dare to make public their ;amour. Bless them @panita well i guess they never published it until now ?Honestly, I can't figure out why so many fans hate khunfany?I think this couple should be blessed,go to the hell all the antis.and to those who saw my post before this is NOT my connection to the kpop world. I really like her & i’m jealous she is dating khun.we used to be friends in middle school & i occasionally see her in korea & hang out but we’re not REALLY good friends… but ya tiffany was always really outgoing & hyper in middle school. but really nice.i hung out in the same crowd as her but I joined that crowd almost right before she left for Korea. For everyone arguing about Khunfany, I have a little info on that matter: it’s true. My friend, who has friends that work at JYP, told me so.

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