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Fubuki just shows that girls can kick ass in many areas of gaming!3 Kousaka Kyousuke used to be close to his sister Kirino, however they haven't talked to each other in years!Legendary Girl A, also known as Konata, dabbles in quite a few different game genres, but her main areas of interest are eroge, arcade, and MMORPGs! Well, Konata makes time by sacrificing homework, study time, and sleep. You truly cannot deny that anime gamer girls have drive!Elder Tale has become an MMORPG success drawing in millions of players, but one day, thirty thousand Japanese players were trapped when the game released its twelfth expansion.Highly recommended, especially for those just getting their feet wet in otaku culture.It's the 21st century and gamer girls are starting to break out into the gaming community!You don't even have to as to know that our anime gamer girl is Kashiwazaki Sena! Umaru has been shown to pass time in the arcades where she dominates against the other players, but Umaru has been seen playing on portable gaming consoles and game stations. The best part of her is the fact that she doesn't let power get to her. Arita Haruyuki is amongst the bottom of the lowest tier of the social ladder.

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Saki ends up hanging out with the club members, usually while waiting for her boyfriend, Makoto Kousaka.Kirino is a model by day and an anime gamer girl the rest of the time!If you don't think that's possible, you can compare her to Playboy's Pamela Horton. Kirino's specialty is little sister eroge so don't think that girls are limited to otome games. Hasegawa Kodaka can't make friends at his new school because people tend to think of him as a delinquent with his natural blond hair.And now the term is so ubiquitous, the anime industry has started using it for themselves.These days, anime isn’t just is just straight-up about a college anime club. They talk about anime, go to conventions, work on cosplay, and just generally nerd out about otaku stuff.

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