Leo and pisces dating

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He wants the best of everything for himself and, by default, those who remain loyal and follow his fixed ethic.

Ruled by the Sun, those who get close to Leo Man will be thrilled to find out his spirit is warm to the core and not a facade.

Leo Man is a extroverted, passionate friend and family man by nature who never lets up in trying to raise the spirits of those around him.Her spiritual consciousness means she has no problem being alone or making time for herself in isolation, but should she come across a warm and unflinching lover who is serious in his interest then she’s likely to never turn back from the chance of a life together.She has all the feminine subtlety and adaptability of her mutable sign to conform to Leo Man’s will and pride, but perhaps she leaves too much room for things left unsaid or open to interpretation in her subtle nature.You're both energetic, loyal, optimistic and ambitious.On the negative side, you both have large egos, both can be bossy, stubborn and likely have bad tempers You're both dramatic, and there's a high chance this relationship will be a series of arguments and making up - which both may 'secretly' enjoy.

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