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However, if your Mac has been slow for more than 24 hours, the problem is not Spotlight indexing.There is a good chance that one of your apps is not working well with El Capitan, and slowing down the whole system as a result.When it works it enables you to feel in control of your digital world.But when it doesn’t work it leaves you feeling rather frustrated.Apple gave this a lot of focus and have lessened the problem with updates, so make sure you are installing from 10.11.5.If updating to OS X El Capitan still leaves you with a frozen screen, error messages or an installation that seems to work until you actually reboot and see that your OS X hasn’t updated from the previous version, there are a few things you can do to help.If Handoff has stopped working since you upgraded to El Capitan, and logging out and back in on your devices doesn’t help, it’s time to look for a fix.Solution This is a really simple fix that has worked for a lot of users struggling with similar El Capitan Handoff problems: Another great productivity feature is Air Drop, a native app to make file sharing between your Mac and other Apple devices as easy as can be.

Luckily, we have some solutions that may help to get your apps and El Capitan working together as they should.

When it comes to performance issues, there is no single solution that tackles more problems than Clean My Mac 3.

It’s free to download, so you can test it right away.

If you have a lot of Apple devices, Handoff is the perfect feature for users that want to stay efficient and productive while on the go.

Start work on your Mac in the office and then finish it on your phone in the elevator. However, when it doesn’t work, you’re left feeling like a relay runner whose teammate dropped the baton.

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