Lgd xiao8 dating update on databound datagrid not updating

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Instead, she's invited him back onto the show so she could "evaluate" him further.Zhang has been on the show for the past three weeks now and is invited to appear on this week's episode.

Usually described as rich spoilt princesses, most of these girls choose "wealthy" male contestants to just average good guys.

While this itself was an impressive feat in itself, especially for a pro fresh out of retirement, it ultimately left a bitter taste in the director's mouth, having failed to win that world championship for LGD alongside Yao, leading him to announce a second retirement.

But as we know by now, it didn't take long for Xiao8 to heed the calls of war anew, as he enlisted himself as LGD's captain once more just in time for the final roster lock-in deadline of the season.

This is not the first time that the man considered to be one of the best captains the Dota world has ever seen would looked to as Chinese Dota's would-be savior.

Less than a year into his post-TI4 championship (with Newbee) retirement, and just months before TI5, Xiao8 returned to action, first leading a group of (then-also-"retired") veterans to a top 4 finish in the Dota 2 Asian Championship, before eventually rejoining his old friend under the LGD banner to finish 3rd in the quest for the Aegis.

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