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She tends instead to Abbi’s emotional needs, and tries to tempt her into a threesome, or a twosome. Ilana spent a lot of time alone at home watching TV.

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She has a kind of nineties-trampy wardrobe of crop tops, minis, men’s briefs, and the so-called Ilana Glazer bra, which fans have traced to LF Stores, a clothing chain.To create and sustain a show like this, you have to have it together in a way that the characters Abbi and Ilana do not.Comedy is hard work, and hard work isn’t good comedy.“There’s something about them that’s really watchable and organic and interesting.There aren’t enough like them on TV: confident, sexually active, self-effacing women, girlfriends who love each other the most.” There are, of course, the girls on “Girls,” the show that serves as “Broad City” ’s most widely cited touchstone, but one might argue that the “Girls” girls lack both the self-effacement and the love.

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