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(when an item is left behind at a Pignic, for instance...) More printouts are coming soon.

[ back to top ] Before you attend the Pignic, check your piggies for lice or any disease.

Here, Sally (Boston Pignic) inspects teeth and nails as part of this pig's check-in. Some people assume that their guinea pigs are just fine in a communal pen, and will go off to chat or play with other people.

Individual Pignics may vary, so be sure to read and understand the check-in procedures for your local Pignic.If your pig shows signs of lice, please do not take him or her to a Pignic.If you are unsure about checking for lice, have the Pignic Coordinator check your pig upon arrival - and of course, if your pig is contagious at ALL, keep him or her in a separate pen!The town of Wellesley is pesticide-free, and does not treat their grass with chemicals.[ back to top ] CALIFORNIA So Cal Pignic Irvine Animal Care Center, 6443 Oak Canyon Rd in Irvine, CA Contact: Michiko Vartanian at [email protected] Crazy Cavies South Florida Pignic Elfin Shelter at Tradewinds Park, just west of Florida’s Turnpike on Sample Road. This can easily be obtained through the park's governing authority.

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