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It was a hard time for me, I just kind of felt like a bit of a dolly, a puppet. Maybe [I imagined] being on the cover of Rolling Stone one day but not being on the cover of FHM. So that’s when I kind of broke up with my management and the label.” Her new album (released on her own label, Sweetness Tunes, in November) is the first that she feels really represents her own music and personality. The Sting is a trip-hop-influenced set of lush, emotional songs with a dark undercurrent.

She cut off her long hair for the video of her comeback single, Sweeter than History, which she describes as “a bit of a symbolic act”. Everyone had an agenda: management, label, co-writers.

Given the current controversy over Miley Cyrus’s overtly sexual new image, it’s interesting that 21-year-old Cilmi admits that, as a teen star herself, she felt pressurised to present herself in a sexier style.

“Somehow, it wasn’t about music anymore, it was all about the way I looked,” she explains in an interview for Vintage TV’s Needle Time.

“This house is one of series of important designs by architect J F W Ballantyne, who played a key role in disseminating Griffin’s ideas,” the letter said. “I’ve bought over 1000 homes and I’ve never seen anything like this.

Buyers’ advocate Mal James, who had planned to bid on the property on behalf of a client, said buyers were only interested in building a new house on the site. “To be cherry picking one-off homes and then telling them two days before an auction — with no previous warning — that their home is going to have a heritage overlay that will destroy the auction,” he said.

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“It’s the oldest story in the music business,” sighs Cilmi. Earlier this year, a rundown Toorak house sold for less than what the vendors had paid for it after Stonnington Council slapped a heritage overlay on the house.The six-bedroom house at 177 Kooyong Road was bought for .19 million in 2010 but sold for slightly more than .8 million seven years later.The iconic estate at 16 St Georges Road was, to the dismay of local residents, torn down by the buyer after she paid .5 million in 2013.But heritage protection can adversely impact a property’s value, particularly when buyers are only interested in the land.

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