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For example, in October 2011, a 20 year old guy in NSW posted six nude photos of his ex-girlfriend on Facebook as revenge for breaking up with him.

He was found guilty of publishing indecent material and given a suspended sentence of six months.

It also explains what you can do to stay out of trouble and your options if someone has an inappropriate photo or video of you.

There are different rules for photographing or recording things depending on whether you are in a public place or on private property.

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This includes homes, shops, sport and performance venues, museums and galleries, schools and similar places.The laws ban things like “upskirting” (snapping a photo up somebody’s skirt without their permission) and setting up cameras in changing rooms or bedrooms.The maximum penalty for these crimes is 1 to 5 years in jail depending on the state or territory you live in.In some states, the penalty is higher if the victim is a young person.Even in states and territories where there is no specific law about taking photos or videos of private parts or activities, there are other laws that can apply.

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