Lost sound after updating einstructions

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If after trying to reinstall the Surface 3 audio driver the sound still doesn’t work, you probably noticed that in properties for the audio adapter says that it couldn’t start the device with a “code 10”.If this is the problem, then it’s most likely that problem is coming from a different adapter.I've seen some post about going to website to download the sound driver for win10 from there but I am not sure about the correct link for Timeline X 3830TG sound driver. It's possible the account owner that is producing the event is not sending sound to the stream.Instructions on how to do this can be found here: but I had already checked out audio-related stuff and figured out that the problem had to do with the Adobe Flash Player (aka Shockwave Flash) plugin.Microsoft has received good reviews for their latest OS –Windows 10.Hello, I have an Aspire Timeline X 3830TG and I updated from Windows 7 to 10.At first, there is sound after installing Windows 10 but after some system updates, you'll see the speaker icon showing "no audio output device installed" and now I don't have any sound.

While this guide aims to fix the Surface 3 audio issue in Windows 10, the same concept should also help to troubleshoot sound problems in your Surface Pro 3 or Surface Pro 4. Let us know the solution that addressed the issue in the comments below. Although more people are reading Pureinfotech, many are using adblocker.Advertising revenue that helps to pay bills is falling fast.And unlike many other sites, here there is not a paywall or anything blocking readers from accessing the site. If everyone who reads this site, who likes it, helps to support it, the future would be much more secure.Once you have covered the basic troubleshooting steps, you can try the following solutions: The audio driver on Surface 3 is perhaps the most common source of the problem, in which case you will have to manually uninstall and reinstall again.Now the sound should be working again on your Surface 3.

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