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Ben Ahmed spent his teens in one of the toughest suburbs, Bobigny, in a notorious called l’Abreuvoir.During his twenties and early thirties, Ben Ahmed was employed by the Bobigny government as a community organizer, working with troubled youth—some of them his friends and neighbors, many just out of prison or headed there.“But instead of asking good questions, we chose stigmatization, refusal of the other.” He went on, “The split was born on that day, the feeling of rejection expressed by the political class, when we could have asked other questions: What’s wrong? ”Ben Ahmed wears sharp dark suits, even on weekends, as if such formality were the only way for an Arab from the 93 to be taken seriously.

Two recent books by the eminent political scientist Gilles Kepel, “Banlieue de la République” and “Quatre-vingt-treize” (“Ninety-three”), are studies in industrial decline and growing segregation by group identity.Many expressed simple grief and outrage; a few aired conspiracy theories, suggesting a plot to stigmatize Muslims.“Let the investigators shed light on this massacre,” Ben Ahmed advised.He has a broad, boyish face and a disarming smile; as he shuttles around the 93, with quick, lock-kneed strides, he seems to know everyone by name.But as a youth in l’Abreuvoir he had to learn to fight—he trained at a form of kickboxing—and his eyes can turn hooded and flat under stress.

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