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EPCS can also serve as a key weapon in combating prescription fraud, drug diversion and “doctor shopping” for pills – several of the root causes of our nation’s devastating opioid epidemic.To enable EPCS, organizations must comply with a specific set of requirements outlined in the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Interim Final Rule (IFR).

The following are five common misconceptions surrounding EPCS and the true facts about the legislation: Fiction: EPCS is not legal in every state Since the DEA introduced the IFR legalizing EPCS in 2010, every state in the union has passed legislation to legalize EPCS for schedule II-V controlled substances.

Fiction: Pharmacies cannot receive electronic prescriptions for controlled substances According to data from Surescripts, 88 percent of pharmacies in each state are enabled for EPCS.

However, in some cases, individual pharmacies and pharmacists may not be aware that they can accept EPCS.

The IFR specifically outlines that in order to sign a controlled substance prescription, the electronic prescription application must require the practitioner authenticate to the application with protocol that uses two of the following three factors: Understanding this requirement is essential to successfully complying with the DEA IFR and ensuring the EPCS workflow is usable and efficient for physicians.

Unfortunately, most multifactor authentication solutions can only support the second factor of authentication for EPCS, resulting in user confusion and misuse.

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