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Not in way which made you squirm and not because his answers were brilliant.

But, his struggle to meet his daughter halfway and yield to her questions while the world was, in effect, watching, established him as the hero of the film. There are so many dimensions to the story, so much richness in the various strands woven together, wonderful family film and video and, at base, a universal tale.

Dancing with my Father shows us that there is nothing to fear but silence, and a great deal of reason for hope if only we will listen and learn.

Thank you for sharing your story so that others might see that personal change can, by degrees, become social change.

It is a film that reaches into the heart and mind of its viewers. Marcia, I have just seen Dancing with my Father for the third time and am yet again reminded of that old saying from the sixties that "the personal is political." Somewhere along the way that saying got lost.

How brave of you to take such a deeply personal topic and explore it publicly -- and how essential for these times.

You set out to make a point about your father's emotional guardedness, that it was hurtful, that it had a ripple effect which extended into your own marriage.

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Marcia has been conditioned by what shes done in last years in Ireland and New York and what she has experienced privately, intimately and personally.

Explain your emotional distance, you asked, in a variety of ways.

And in a fascinating, and unintended reversal, his thoughtful responses, patience and obvious concern, combined with an extraordinary photogeniety, tipped the balance in his favor.

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