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Continuing to grow in numbers the Thalians are always ready to open their hearts to new members. Fiupatrlck Gregory S Gerram Pine Woods Rd RR '1 Box 182 Hyde Park.

Always striving to maintain our ideas of friend- ship and loyalty we are sincere in our belief that Thalian girls are the best. V 12801 Annemarlc Finn Susan M Geaney 26 Washington Aue 122 Courr Street Bayvl Ue. N V 12«01 Adam Ftrstencel Michael V Gebhard 1913 Holiday Dr I Fresno Ct Schenectady. NY 13069 Karen E Flshet Brian P Genalo 158 Harmony Dr 278 Conn Ave Massap-qua Park, NY 11762 Massawflua Pa.. Gandreau 63 East St 17 Sheila Ave Fort Edward, NY 1282M Plattsburgh, N Y 12901 Gary A.

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Interfrat is composed of members of each fraternity and soror- ity on campus, and is responsible for all activities which involve more than one Greek organization. N Y 12901 David R Gosssn Uurle A Hathaway 22 Imperial Dr Rl 1 Box 138 New Hartltrrd. N V 12866 David C Gotthotm Hekne 5 Hausgaard 78 Sailly Ave 49 Sevenon HI. THETA ALPHA LAMBDA (THALIANS) ■ 82 THETA KAPPA BETA (BETAS) 8KB The Theta Kappa Beta Fraternity started in 1959, founded by a group of Korean War Veterans. NY 12901 Thomee J Ccaamaiia 230 Caiokna St Saratoga Spt N Y 1 2866 Mwhaal J Co Uptnlo Rd 1 Bo. Fesslet Kelly A Garrant 138 West 20ih St 100 Cornelia Si Deer Park, N V 11729 Platrshurgh. N Y 12801 Uura J Flnehoui Tern L Gales 161 Ctinton Si Rle 9 North Walerlcwn, NY 13601 Plaitshurgh, N V. Gairtl X 30 Porteus Si 10459 Jamaica Rd Little Falls. N Y 12304 East Norlhport, NY 11731 Nancy J Fischer Cheryl B. Fitzgerald James V Grnnare Ui 2929 Bedford *3 169 Forrest Way Montreal. V 13031 Karl A Fitzgerald Marian* E Germ*r 46 Saw Mill River Rd 121 Court Si. N Y 12901 Veronica K Fitzgerald Stephen A Gvrneu 123 Roosevelt Rd 1 Gale Dr Hyde Park. Since then it has grown and decreased in number but never once did it slacken it's own respect for its ideals. E.) The United Way, The Heart Fund, The Cancer Society, and the Community Hospital and County Nursing Home Services. J28 Wing Rd R*»(otd N Y 12148 FJuabeih J Cnlburn 47 Wawth, Potadam. N Y Rue L Ccebe U2No1 Jane M Ferguson Shawn M Gallo 180 Wesiwood Dr 56 Court Si Brrmlwood. N Y 12901 Jean M Fetmsr Theresa M Ganow Mi Zimi Rd 138 MWm St Marlboro. N Y 12901 Wendy Field Kathy E Gates Box 175 Myrlle Ave 78 Dtxon Rd Mnhonac Falls. As distinct personalities, we feel that by combining the various talents and interests of many, we can emerge as an effective con- structive force. Y 13367 Cynthia K Caiamarila 1 1 1 Beach 51 Maaaana. N Y 12308 Phyk M G Cloueet 113 Beebman St PUttabutgh. With every new sister wel- comed into Ago, a totally new experience happens for the indi- vidual and the group. NY 13662 Kenneth P Cavanagh 26 Peethtrw l* Car U Place. Vl 0*488 John J Cetaata 14 Paiiicia Ln Saratoga Sprewa. Av- Cong-ri H Y 10920 Edward Chambeii I* Cembtvlc Mi Avenw Gdlon Part. Apl Plallaburgh N V 12901 Cynthia A Oeaeon 1000 Vtanrui Rd Palmyra.

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