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You would think with such a drastic fee increase, that the benefits must have improved, right? Many feel the concierge service quality has diminished the past few years.In fact, I have read a number of forum posts by cardmembers who have canceled or downgraded to the American Express Platinum (with a 0 fee) because they said the Centurion was no longer worth anywhere close to the annual fee.When someone hears one of these cards sound one of these cards make when slapping it down on the counter and feel how heavy they are, don’t be surprised if you get asked questions.With an annual fee of (and that’s waived the first year) on the Sapphire and on the Marriott Rewards Premier, you can have a card that makes a statement without spending a fortune for the privilege.Personally, I feel there was only one benefit of any significant monetary value = free first-class upgrades on domestic flights.So you could buy a coach ticket and automatically get bumped to first class for free if there was availability.The American Express black card qualifications include spending 0,000 in a given year on another Am Ex card.That means you must have an existing American Express card (most likely a Platinum Card) for one year or more, and spend (and pay off) at least 0,000 over the course of a year.

In fact, a friend of mine who was a Centurion charter cardmember (and had it since ’99 when it launched) recently downgraded his account to Platinum because he found it had comparable benefits, yet costs thousands less per year. But be aware that its annual fee is 0 and that is NOT waived the first year.When the card was initially released it was only offered to a few thousand people (celebrities, wealthy business moguls, etc).Although the American Express black card requirements have grown even tighter over time, that hasn’t stopped the exclusive member base from ballooning. According to some investigative work a few years ago regarding the number of lucky individuals who have the American Express Centurion card, it is estimated that possibly up to 100,000 people worldwide have the card, with roughly 20-40% of those cardmembers being based in the United States.And most of the average people just dream about this extravagant lifestyle. We are sharing with you a list of credit card number that works online.This free credit card information going to help you to pay your bills, EMI, college fees.

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