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10X 14X itx 22X MX 30X 1 1 i 1 12X 1IX 20X MX 2BX 32X TIm copy film«d h&n hm l M«n raproducad thanks to tho gonon Mity of: Dougl M Library Quaan's Univartity L'axomplaira film4 ffut raproduit grica i la g*n*roait* da: Douglas Library Quaan's Univarsity Tha imagaa appaaring hara ara tha baat quality possibia conaidaring tha condition and iagibllity of tha original copy and in kaaping with tha filming contract apacif Icationa.

Original coplas In printad tsapar covara ara filmad baginning with tha front covar and anding on .

Un das symboias suh^ants apparaltra sur la darnl Ara imaga da chaqua microficha, salon la cas: la symbols -^^ signlfia "A 8UIVRE", la symbols ▼ signlfia "FIN". LP f jk^k Ai S^A^..^ %3-\k-'i iv*, ■■^k" ''fe' PREFACE, Tbb wit with Bii8si»» which has now dosed, may be desig* nated.

Maps, platas, charts, ate, may ba filmad at diffarant raductlon ratios. M a thovt, ihaip, and deoisive one t it has been be- gan, oontinued, and condnded within little more than two years; and there are those who reftise to dass it among the great wars of Borope.

Peter the Great, who ascended the throne o£ Bussia in 1689, was animated with unbounded iambi- tion, and with a determination to extend the boundaries of his country on everyhand.

Surrounded by a race of rude Sclavonians, he aspired to be considered as a reformer of manners; and, although he had many faults, yet he merits the title of one of the greatest men of his age and country.

It is not, however, our intention to ex- patiate on the history of Peter I.

Suffice it to say, that he at that early period had designs of encroaching on the Ottoman empire, and carried out those designs by seising a portion of its territories ; although these territories were forwards reconouered by the Turks.

Laa d^taiia da cat axampiaira qui aont paut-Atra uniquaa du point da vua bibliographiqua.

qui pauvant modifier una imaga raproduita, ou qui pauvant axigar una modification dana la mithoda normaia da filmaga aont indiqu Aa ci-daaaoua.

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