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The sign for Westbridge Manor mobile home community in Macomb Township where Macomb County Sheriff's officials said Misty George and her boyfriend, Michael Welch, are accused of keeping a disabled woman in a shed and selling her online for sex.The victim wasn't allowed in the home to use the restroom or shower, investigators said.The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) mobile app presents a new interactive way to protect and serve the people of Texas.With the Texas DPS mobile app, you can easily explore the state’s Sex Offender Registry, Texas 10 Most Wanted lists, and much more.

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But she was eventually moved to a nearby shed after she could not afford to pay the rent that the suspects demanded, the sheriff's office said.She wasn't even allowed to use the bathroom in her friend's mobile home just feet away.Somehow, authorities said, the 29-year-old woman with mental and physical disabilities got away from the Macomb Township couple accused of keeping her in the shed, taking her support money and selling her services through online ads.She said Welch's sentences were for probation or parole violations and walking way from a corrections center and escaping the Otsego County Jail.Neighbors said he cut their lawns and recently got hired at a nearby Target store.

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