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For more information visit Outsiders gives those with various forms of physical and social disabilities an extra hand to find love and friendship.

The organisation has been around for over thirty years and provides a sex line for those who need advice for when it comes to action underneath the sheets, the number in case you need it is 07. The joining fee is quite reasonable as well, if you are in employment membership costs £27.50 a year and £14 if you are unemployed.

It has touted its plans for moon exploration and in late 2013 completed the first lunar 'soft landing' since 1976 with the Chang'e-3 craft and its Jade Rabbit rover.

State media cited a senior space official as saying that it will 'not take long' for China's manned mission to the moon to get official approval and funding.The spokesperson told CNN a plan for Japan's future space exploration would be released by the panel in time for Japan's International Space Exploration Forum in March 2018.Since 2009, China has been upping its work in space exploration.In December 2016, China announced its intentions to put a man on the moon by 2036, as well as plans to land a rover on Mars by 2020.India became the fourth country to plant its flag on the moon in 2008, behind the US, Russia and China, and plans to land a second unmanned probe on the lunar surface by mid-2018.

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