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Using a chef knife, lightly slice away the peel with one even cut, moving from top to bottom.

Be careful not to cut into the flesh during any slicing motions.

For efficient, easy and consistent peeling, Chef Culinary Instructor Steven Walker-Duncan of Camosun College in Victoria, British Columbia recommends removing the stem end and cutting a thin portion from the bottom to create a flat, even surface.

The thick skin of squash can be difficult to remove using your conventional vegetable peeler.Potsdam, Germany, German observational astronomer Wilhelm Lohse founded the archive of astronomical photographic plates at Potsdam Observatory, one of the oldest in the world.Lohse graduated in the natural sciences (particularly chemistry) from Leipzig University. von Bulow’s private observatory at Bothkamp, Germany under .He continued to observe there until near the end of his life and established the Potsdam plate archives, illustrating the value of photography to traditional astronomical work.It vies with the archives at Harvard College Observatory for the oldest collection of useful plates (though Harvard has daguerreotypes of the Moon dating from the early 1850s).

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