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Bill (Nick Kroll) has been overshadowed by his brother Robbie (Adam Scott) since a childhood accident resulted in Robbie becoming blind.

Robbie took his disability as a motivation to prove that he could rise above it.

Feeling a need to make up for "killing" her boyfriend, Rose volunteers to help Robbie prepare for a swim across a lake for charity.

Robbie misinterprets Rose's helpfulness as something more.

There is just one catch: Leeza, who is from India, is promised to another man.

Chris ‘the new Captain Kirk' Pine boldly goes into this unusual romantic comedy as a virginal blind guy whose brother (American Pie's Eddie Kaye Thomas) is determined to see him pop his cherry. Switching between slapstick, seriousness and Jane Seymour as a psychologist who can't keep her clothes on, this is... Small wonder this hard-to-swallow cocktail of bawdy comedy, cross-cultural romance and issue-of-the-week melodrama was left on the shelf for three years.

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In the process, Robbie has become a local hero, while Bill works at a dead-end job at a printing shop when he isn't helping his brother train for the next event.Bill won't call out his brother for his negative qualities because he doesn't want to be the guy who would shame his blind brother (There's also some guilt on Bill's part, hinted at early in the film and made explicit by the end).Bill's only recourse is to offer immature, sarcastic snipes when nobody is paying attention to him (which is often). Her entire sense of self-worth is based on what other people think of her.That turns out to be vital to the success of the film, which quickly becomes a situational comedy about a scenario in which a little bit of honesty from any of the involved characters probably would resolve the plot in an instant.Even the brief time Goodhart spends with these characters before the beginning of the plot's conflict is enough to establish the reason that such a quick, simple resolution is impossible for these people.

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