Mucky paws dating

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When I first met you, you were being introduced by our manager as you started a new job in the same department for the same company I was working for. Sunday mornings we’d phone each other and talk whilst watching Hollyoaks, before meeting up for coffee and cake in various places, but mostly shopping.People assumed we were a married couple long before we started a relationship and would ask how long we’d been married.It is available now in Britain for £29.99,plus postage and packing, fromFrom extra-large dogs right down to the smallest of K9s and puppies Muddy Paws is your one stop shop for everything you and your dog are ever going to need!In the 11 years, 3 months and 1 day we were married you were always full of life, optimistic, happy and always said it was sunny when you are up with your gran as a kid.

Rather than struggling withbuckets of water or hosepipes,pet-owners can simply dip theirdog's paws in turn into the Paw Plunger and dry them off with atowel. According to its makers, thegadget will put an end to soakingthe entire house as owners struggleto wash their dog.

But now a new invention thatworks like a miniature car washfor paws promises to keep petlovers'homes immaculate. The Paw Plunger claims it cantransform man's best friend'spaws from filthy-dirty to pristinein an instant, with little effort onthe part of owners.

The gadget – motto: "Cleanlinessis next to dogliness" – looks likean ordinary plastic cup which canbe filled with warm water.

We offer a full refund or an exchange on any items purchased.

Today would have been our 12th Wedding Anniversary together, every day just seems to get harder without you being here.

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