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The forums are still offline but maybe that’s a good thing as it’ll give the moderators a chance to review the rules one more time and hopefully pay attention to this this time around. Yes, I have invites but no I’m not giving them out as I don’t want to put my own account at risk.The servers still seem to be stressed a bit as 404’s and Server overloaded errors abound. Some time ago, I found out that there were ways to manipulate your ratio. Don’t be the parasite on the backs of this unconditional medium, try to support it as much as possible.Also – obviously – torrent trackers don’t like you doing this, and if they find out you’ll probably get Through the use of applications, we can spoof our upload count, and hereby alter our Torrent Ratio.When I finally got in, I tried to get my ratio up as high as possible – stacking up reserves.But however hard I tried, I wasn’t able to reach an approachably decent ratio.Tracker Pro is one of these applications, and very easy to use.

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Ironically, the biggest disadvantages lie also with the ratio system.

In January 2014, a tracker came online at the domain, and provided service for the old torrents.

On March 29, 2014, Demonoid came back online at the domain. Demonoid can be accessed via the TOR network (.onion) using port 8080 and the domain name demonhkzoijsvvui.

Demonoid is a popular Bit Torrent tracker and website that includes file-sharing related discussion forums and a searchable index for the tracker.

The site has undergone intermittent periods of extended downtime due to the occasional need to move the server, generally caused by cancellation of ISP service due to local political pressure.

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