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“I would make videos for school and I’d try to show them to the class,” he recalls, “but sometimes the teacher wouldn’t show them because they were too obscene or whatever.Then the web came along and I was able to just make things and put them online.” Tom began to post his games and animations on his personal website, Newgrounds, and by 1999 it had really caught on as a popular site to kill some time on.“A lot of people don’t see the behind the scenes stuff.

The site also has an active community of forum users, who come to converse with a tight-knit community of other like-minded people.

We then spent the next several hours “researching” the site (a.k.a. We then reached out to Tom to see if he wouldn’t mind sitting down with us and telling his story. Tom has always had a passion for making things with computers.

He would program text adventures and make animations on his Amiga, but was missing a way to share his creations with others.

It was here that Tom met animator Dan Paladin, who he teamed up with to create the run-and-gun game Alien Hominid, initially hosted on Newgrounds.

In 2003, they decided to pursue the game full-time and develop a console version.

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