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Alberta’s international airports are governed by airport authorities that are aggressively pursuing growth of their existing market share and expansion into new markets.

Edmonton International Airport is also Canada’s most northerly 24-hour international airport. Alberta is home to the Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame and six aerospace museums, which together house the largest collection of aviation heritage in Canada.

Service is provided to every major Canadian city and to ten U. Alberta’s aviation heritage plays a critical role in shaping the labour force of tomorrow by attracting new technicians, engineers, businessmen and innovators into the sector.

More so than any other industry group, aerospace and defence can leverage its proud Alberta heritage, through investment into museums and programs like cadets, in order to incubate the highly qualified people the sector will need tomorrow.

Put off and suspicious that her black skin had something to do with it, Roderique slapped her white friend's photo on the same dating profile, and watched as the messages came pouring in.

Then, she tried a photo of herself, digitally altered to make her appear Caucasian, and saw even more messages filling up her inbox.

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    "They act out their gender roles," said Arne Dekker from the University Hospital in Hamburg's Institute for Sexual Research and Forensic Psychiatry.

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    Comments like "Oh, I thought you were going drive/get the tickets/plan the trip/[insert other traditionally masculine roles here]" can help in priming his confidence if it seems to be lagging and it bothers you.

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