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At the mark, the creepy guy on the right sneaks down and swipes one of the girls’ bras.” The full version is here.

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Bean manages to escape in time, but a young boy (played by Sam Driscoll) is not so fortunate and is later seen covered head to toe in a blue chemical powder.The part of the movie where the wives introduce themselves, speak about how they got indebted and then, one by one, take their clothes off in front of a large men-only audience was some time ago posted here. The clip below is from a later point in the movie and is about a nude challenge where two losing women are, for a fair amount of time, to become play toys for the entertainment of two lucky men chosen from the audience by the host. As the credits roll, Bean examines the destroyed Mini and finds that the padlock he uses to lock his Mini was left intact and unharmed.Seemingly content with this, he smiles and walks off. Bean, Bean finds the padlock and bolt he salvaged from his crushed car in his loft.

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